Dallaglio Cycle Slam 2021
25 April - 7 May 2021

Help us #BreakTheCycle through Spain and Portugal next year

How do I transport our bikes to the beginning of my stage?
Details will be posted on the website but we will be arranging for all stage bikes to be transported to the specific stage start destination a week before your travel, this means your bike will need to be in London for this to happen. 

What do I need to bring to the bike drop off?
Your essential riding equipment - helmet, cycle shoes, bike, gloves, pedals - must fit into the daily kit bag we provide, which will be labelled and accompany your bike (also labelled). You must remove your pedals in advance for ease of transportation.

Do I need to organise the ferries, coaches, planes?
Nope, we’ll take care of all the logistics for riders; you just concentrate on training and fundraising!

How much luggage allowance do we have if we are flying?
You will have one checked bag and one hand luggage. Anything over and above this will need to be paid for by you.  Please note that space is limited for transporting bags.

When do I get kit?
We will be providing an event shirt and waterproof jacket - we’ll be giving these out on arrival before day 1 of your Stage. Please ensure we have your size on your registration form (S,M,L,XL,XXL) to ensure as best fit as possible. You should bring with you your own spare cycling kit (refer to checklist).

What if I can’t make it at the last minute or I miss my flight?
Please keep either Rob Mauchlen or Georgie Dixon up to date with your movements if you are running late or will have to miss your flight. We cannot guarantee that you will be able to get a later/alternative flight therefore please ensure you arrive at the airport on time.  Any additional costs will not be covered by the organisers, please see main event Terms and Conditions for further information.

Can my partner come along for a night?
This isn’t a problem as long as you let the organisers at Dallaglio RugbyWorks know and are prepared to personally cover their travel and accommodation costs.

Will start and finish times be the same each day?
Start times will depend on the weather and the kms we need to do that day. The event director will make the call and let you know at the evening debrief, although as a rule we will aim to start each leg at day light, so circa 7.45 - 8.00.

How do I know which hotel and which room?
The hotel details will be given to the groups lead cyclists each morning. When you arrive at the hotel the support team will have posted your room details and where to find your luggage.

Can I choose who I share a room with?
Let us know any preferences in advance and we’ll see what we can do.

Will hotels have Internet facility?
Not all hotels will have an Internet facility due to their remoteness therefore if this is necessary please organise your own wireless connection (dongle).

What about laundry and wet cycling clothes?
Some hotels will have laundry facilities (so bring a laundry bag with your name on it), otherwise you’ll need a spare cycling kit and use radiators or heaters for drying out.

Is someone taking photos for the blog or website so people at home can follow the slam?

How safe is 50+ cyclists cycling along together?
You won’t all be cycling together in a big bunch, as you will be allocated a group suitable for your fitness & experience (max 15 cyclists per group). Each group will have a ‘core rider’ with them and we stagger each group’s start times and then keep like for like riders together in their groups. We will ensure everyone is as safe as can be. On the rare occasion it may be essential to bunch everyone together the professional cyclists will ensure you know how to ride as a group.

How do we know where to go each day?
Each morning before the start you will have a full briefing about the day ahead from your group’s lead rider.  He/she will have an individual route map, together with a fully programmed Garmin loaded with the route of the day. The support team will also have programmed Garmins and will be instructing any stragglers.  We will also have support team members on route all day so you’ll be fine!

What if I miss the pit stops or lunch?
The support vehicles/team will always wait for people, however, you should have with you some money and your mobile phone just in case, or the support team will organise for someone to wait.

Will I be able to change out of wet clothing during the cycling?
Yes, your daily kit bag will follow in the support van and will be available at pit stops and lunchtime for you to change into your spare clothing, add layers etc. You should also keep in the kit bag a plastic bag/laundry bag for wet clothing, which you can sort out back at the hotel.

What drinks/food will be available each day on the road?
Obviously we’re stopping en route on the side of a road or lay by but we’ll try and be as creative as possible. We will have some energy drinks/powder but, along with this you should bring any special dietary requirements or preferred energy boosts with you. (Breakfast and dinner will be in hotels or occasional dinner in a restaurant).

What happens if my bike is stolen or broken?
Halfords have kindly provided spare bikes, which are predominantly for the core riders, but can be utilised if not in use. The mechanics in the support team are pretty good at fixing things so hopefully it won’t mean the end.

What happens if I'm ill or have an accident?
We have a doctor travelling with the support team that will take care of you should anything go wrong. This includes a support vehicle in case of emergency and again you should make sure that you are fully covered with personal accident insurance. An EHIC card may also be a good idea.

Help, what if I get lost?
You won’t!  You will be cycling in a group so they will wait for stragglers & help other group members.  You will also have emergency contact numbers so don’t panic, give the support team a call and they’ll track you down.

What happens if the weather is bad?
The event director will make a call, after consultation with the cycle professionals, based on keeping everyone safe. If this means we can’t cycle we will have coach back up to drive to the next hotel or a point where it is safe to get back on the bike.

Is it a race?
No, for safety reasons and for goodwill (famous last words) this isn’t a race. We have some experienced cyclists and some complete novices. What we will do is award prizes each evening for best performance, best comedy moment etc but we want this to be a unique personal challenge with great team spirit raising a lot of money for charity, rather than a competition.

What happens to my bike after I've completed my stage?
All bikes will be transported by road back to the UK or to a central point. You will then have a few days to collect your equipment.

What if I don’t reach my fundraising target?
You will!  See the event T&C’s.

Is there a finish line party?
There will be a party at the end of stage three in Split.  There will also be a wrap party in London later in the year when we announce the fundraising total.

Is there a prize, certificate or memento?
Only memories!

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