Dallaglio Cycle Slam 2021
25 April - 7 May 2021

Help us #BreakTheCycle through Spain and Portugal next year

Preparation for the Slam isn’t limited to hours in the saddle, it also means ensuring you have comfortable and correct kit ready to take along with you. It’s not sufficient to turn up with your bike and a positive attitude - you need to be prepared.

It’s important that you’ve used your equipment and clothing before you get out to the Slam, because comfort is key on such a long ride. If you’re suffering from chaffing during training, you’ll be in agony after 5 long days in the saddle, so it’s essential you get used to your gear before you go.

For all the riders of the Dallaglio Cycle Slam 2018, this is an essential recommended clothing list for the Slam and also for during training:

  • Long sleeve cycling jersey - you will be given 2 short sleeved Cycle Slam jerseys - we also suggest a long sleeve cycling jersey.
  • Rain and windproof jacket - If you get a flat, or just get separated from your group, you could be standing around for a long time. A rain and windproof jacket will keep the elements out. You will be given one of these for the Slam.
  • Cycling gloves - Take two pairs, both gel padded. One pair should be fingerless cycling mitts (ask your local Cycle Republic if you’re unsure) and one should be long finger Winter Gloves for bad weather. Despite the Slam taking place in June, preparation for all weathers is vital!
  • Cycling bib shorts (2 Pairs) - Shorts held up by suspenders
  • Cycling Socks (2 Pairs) - these thin, tight socks have a cotton foot and polyester ankle and are great at absorbing sweat
  • Undervest/base layer short sleeve (3) - A thin light t-shirt to take up the sweat and keep you warm - 2 short sleeved and 1 long sleeved is preferable
  • Arm warmers - can be taken off when too warm
  • Leg warmers - can be taken off when too warm
  • Cycling shoes and clips - If you haven’t got these yet - go now and buy some! They increase your speed and efficiency. They will cost upwards of £40-50 for the shoes and you need to get them before you go (ASAP!) so you can get used to them. You’ll also need to get your pedals changed too
  • Overshoes (waterproof) - Neoprene overshoes are essential for keeping your feet warm and dry
  • A thermal hat or bandanna to wear under your helmet - we’ll hope for sunshine, but best to be prepared
  • And finally, you’ll need to bring casual clothes for the evenings.

Once you’ve got your clothing, try it on and get used to it.  Make sure you’re training in the gear you intend to take on the Slam.

There may be launderette facilities available en route, so we suggest you bring a mesh bag so your things don’t get mixed up and of course, there’s always the option of rinsing through socks, tops and shorts in your hotel room so bring along some travel wash, just in case.

If you have any questions, please get in touch at info@dallagliorugbyworks.com and we’ll try our best to help.

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