Dallaglio Cycle Slam 2021
25 April - 7 May 2021

Help us #BreakTheCycle through Spain and Portugal next year

What amount of training should I be doing between now and the start?
This all depends on how fit you consider yourself and when you signed up for the ride. We will have a bespoke training plan put together to give you an idea of what you should be doing and will make this available in due course. 

What happens if I’m too slow or I’m at the back of the cycle pack?
It is very important that you are of a fitness of standard that can comfortably cycle the distances each day so training is all important. The support team will ensure you don’t get left behind and if there is any real cause for concern we will intervene but we are sure we’ll get everyone through each day!

Is there anyone I can contact to check my training schedule or ask about nutrition?
Yes you can e-mail Dallaglio RugbyWorks and our specialists will be able to answer your questions. Answers will be posted on the website in a weekly blog so as to benefit all riders.

How many massages can I have?
This facility is only available for the core riders, however, if you have developed a serious problem during the day that may hinder your next days cycling then of course we will get our masseurs/physio’s to look at you.

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