Dallaglio Cycle Slam 2021
25 April - 7 May 2021

Help us #BreakTheCycle through Spain and Portugal next year

As detailed by stage planners Ben Wilson and Rob Mauchlen

4th July - Day Eleven - San Lucar to Seville - Distance: 111km - Elevation: 466m

Stage 11 Graphic

85km / 540m

This is a gentle affair, both in distance and elevation. Whilst the elevation chart of the day might look punchy, the highest we get to is 130m above sea level and for the last 40km, the highest we hit is 35m. even though there are hardly any completely flat roads, for every lump we go up, we get more back in descent.

5th July - Day Twelve - Seville to El Rompido - Distance: 130km - Elevation: 1002m

Stage 12 Graphic

Don't let the profile for today fool you, the highest we get is 50m above sea level so even though there is a lot of ups and downs today, it will be a great ride through some very pretty countryside.

6th July - Day Thirteen - El Rompido to Albernoa - Distance: 140km - Elevation: 1472m

Stage 13 Graphic

140km / 1472m
For some reason, day thirteen always seems to be quite tough and this year is no exception. Heading inland once more takes us onto more long hot straight roads and into Portugal. Borders are generally in hilly areas and this one is no exception. The road out of Spain into Portugal is rugged and rolling and at times steep but don't worry too much, there's a great town just before the border that has an ice cream shop. Don't forget your passports and also put your watches back an hour so even though it is a tough day, it's going to be an hour faster than any other 140km ride you've done!

7th July - Day Fourteen - Albernoa to Setubal - Distance: 140km - Elevation: 1192m

Stage 14 Graphic

140km / 1192m
Another long day but it's the last of the long rides and despite the elevation, we finish lower than we start. Any climbs we hit aren't particularly severe, but there are plenty of them so it's not a day to be hanging around. More long straights in the heat will add to the challenge but once the day is done, we're pretty much home and dry. Well, almost.

8th July - Day Fifteen - Setubal to Lisbon - Distance: 62km - Elevation: 635m

Stage 15 Graphic

62km / 635m
Finishing the 2020 slam in a similar way to how it started, with a relatively short ride. One or two tiny hills will do the job of waking the legs up as we make our way towards Lisbon and are greeted by the sight of the Christ the King statue looking over our finishing city. We drop down to the banks of the river and take a ferry over to the city where we will have a short ride to the hotel and the finishing tape.

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