Dallaglio Cycle Slam 2020
21 June - 9 July 2020

Valencia - Almeria // Almeria - Seville // Seville - Lisbon

As detailed by stage planners Ben Wilson and Rob Mauchlen

Day Six - La Envia to Playa Granada - Distance: 114km - Elevation: 1340m

Stage 6 Graphic

117km / 2067m
Stage two starts at sea level and steadily makes its way inland over some very picturesque undulating quiet roads. Climbing just over 400 metres in the first 30km, this is a very gentle introduction to the interior of this part of Spain. At 50km we hit 550m elevation and then have a gentle downhill ride for the next 30km. from 80-104km we climb steadily up some gentle drags, peaking at 1019m having started at 150m. The last 12km are downhill.

Day Seven - Playa Granada to Malaga - Distance: 94km - Elevation: 1292m

Stage 7 Graphic

114km / 1340m
After a light brekkie, the first 5.5km is uphill and from there on in, it's down towards the coast and back to the flatter coastal roads where we will once again marvel at the architectural masterpieces constructed during the package holiday boom of the 80s. A coastal breeze is sure to be a relief from the heat although it might not feel so welcome if it's a headwind.

Day Eight - Malaga to Ronda - Distance: 116km - Elevation: 2881m

Stage 8 Graphic

94km / 1292m
A gentler day awaits today as we stick to the coast once more and keep the rolling hills to our right. Whilst the coastal road is undulating at times, especially early on in the ride, the last 55km are pretty much flatter than an Andalusian pancake. A gentle day before we head inland on day eight.

Day Nine - Ronda to Benalup-Casas Viejas - Distance: 110km - Elevation: 1919m

Stage 9 Graphic

116km / 2881m
While nowhere near as challenging as some of the hillier days on the past, this day will certainly be one that requires an earlier night than usual the day before.

A gentle start gives time for brekkie to go down as we take in the sights of Torremolinos and head away from the crowds and turn inland. as we hit the 15km mark, we bid good day to the coastal roads and the big ring and settle in to the first climb. Peaking at 922m after 36.5km, there is nothing particularly steep and the views down the coast are more than reward for the early efforts. Once we crest this gentle beast, it's straight down and into the rolling valley roads until around the 60km mark where the road meanders gently uphill until 81km into the day. As short descent gives time for some rest and to take in the views before at 88km we start the last couple of efforts. At 102km we peak at 1055m where the breath-taking views are well worth a photo. Take a moment to spot the vultures and eagles soaring on the thermals too. From here, it's downhill all the way to the hotel so in reality, the hard work is over!

Day Ten - Benalup-Casas Viejas to San Lucar - Distance: 85km - Elevation: 540m

Stage 10 Graphic

110km / 1919m
We head out of the hills and back towards the coast so todays ride is mainly downhill. We leave Ronda using some lovely quiet undulating roads with the most challenging roads coming early in the ride. The first 40km are the most rolling with any tough lumps being tackled early so the legs will get an easier second part of the day. At the 55km mark, the worst of the hills will be behind us as we make our way from an altitude of 700m down to sea level.

Day Eleven - San Lucar to Seville - Distance: 111km - Elevation: 466m

Stage 11 Graphic

85km / 540m
The final day of stage two is a gentle affair, both in distance and elevation. Whilst the elevation chart of the day might look punchy, the highest we get to is 130m above sea level and for the last 40km, the highest we hit is 35m. even though there are hardly any completely flat roads, for every lump we go up, we get more back in descent.

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