Stage 2

130km / 2849m

Another day that sees the climbing start almost immediately after brekkie will again take us up to over 2000 meters and again be rewarded with a fantastic descent.  Just the one more short climb stands between us and the hotel and it is then plain sailing, or cycling through some stunning tree lined roads and fantastic countryside and before we know it, we’ll be at the finish.

day 6

87.1km / 1191m

We’ll now be in the routine of climbing straight out of brekkie so another light feed before the ride will see us soon over today's main drag.  From there onwards the ride is predominantly downhill with the finish hotel being 600 meters lower than the top of the first drag. One or two slight drags will break up the monotony of riding along straight roads and through vineyards before we arrive at Narbonne and the Med coast.

day 7

80km / 435m

A shorter day today will be a great opportunity to really take in the scenery and the glimpses of the Med as we meander along the coast. More vineyards and quaint fishing villages will provide plenty of photo opportunities and there will be no mountains or even hills to break up the rhythm of the day!

day 8

155km / 2288m

Leaving France, again, sees the Slam head further away from the Pyrenees and towards flatter lands.  Despite this, the coastal road we take does have it’s fair share of ups and downs but these are nothing compared to the near-vertical climbs we are avoiding by taking it.  Once we head in-land the roads are certainly kinder and it is pretty much downhill from Girona itself towards the hotel at the airport.

day 9

98.5km / 1051m

We finish off this week with another relatively short ride which takes in plenty of variety, from quaint country villages to tired sea-side resorts, today's ride has it all. A gentle roll through the outer suburbs of Barcelona is peppered by countless sets of traffic lights but you’ll be at the hotel and at the bar before you know it.

day 10
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